Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saskatchewan Greens blast Canpotex for Potash sales to Burma

Green Party of Saskatchewan

The Green Party of Saskatchewan (GPS) is enraged after learning Canpotex has made a Potash sale to Burma (Myanmar).

GPS Leader Victor Lau can’tbelieve this is happening. “Why has Canpotex done this?” asks Lau. “Yes there have beensome democratic reforms in Burma in recent months, and Canada has dropped economicsanctions against the military regime. But it is far too soon to be doing business with agovernment whose rule is soaked in blood. We have no guarantees that the democratic reforms will continue in Burma – they could end tomorrow.”

Lau thinks Canpotex shouldhave at least waited until there was a democratic transfer of power in Burma, when themilitary regime is no longer in power.

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