Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leader Fails Canada

By Don Kossick

If there is a shame on Canada, it is a result of the complete lack of leadership provided by the government and our prime minister to creating a more sustainable world.

The sad thing is that the majority of Canadians do want emissions control that work and prevent the overheating of our planet. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper is putting the interests of a minority of Canadians ahead of that of the majority that is deeply concerned.

The fact that he did not speak as a national leader at Copenhagen and that Canada received the Fossil of the Year award indicates that we have a political leadership that simply does not care.

A function of a healthy democracy is the ability to balance all interests for the greater good of all. Prime Minister Harper does not get this.

Don Kossick
Program Developer

Making the Links Radio has been broadcasting for a decade on CFCR 90.5 FM community radio in Saskatoon. Making the Links is committed to reporting on international and local issues in a way that is informative, indepth and offers coverage not normally found in the mainstream media.

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