Saturday, March 3, 2012

On Nathan Cullen

Message from Denise Kouri - Federal Candidate in the last Election for Saskatoon Humboldt.

Hi. I’m supporting Nathan Cullen as my #1 choice for NDP leader. I hope you will too. Here’s why:

Nathan Cullen
1. Nathan has great values – he is a strong social democrat and a strong environmentalist. In representing his riding in Northwestern BC, Nathan has made an effective case that good environmental policy is good economic policy, which is critical for Canada’s future prosperity. Nathan has won several elections against Conservatives, and that is so important, especially in Western Canada.

2. Nathan’s strongest point is his style. He is full of energy and spirit. He is a great communicator, who puts things in a straightforward and authentic way. He has courage to put forward new ideas. His warmth and openness will be huge assets in building our party and in bringing new voters to the NDP and to social democracy. He is very popular among young people, and we need to get them more engaged. And most importantly he can inspire and represent people of all ages and with a wide range of perspectives, who want to work together for a better Canada.

3. I’m confident that not only is he the best choice to fight Harper in the West, Nathan will succeed in retaining our Quebec support. His French is good now and will only get better. Once he gets more exposure in Quebec, I know he will gain popularity among average Quebecers, with his vivacious and authentic style and his strong commitment to social values.

4. Finally, I’m not worried about his proposal to cooperate. Neither should you be. It’s about cooperating from strength for an important purpose. It’s not about diluting our party. And all initiatives here would be up to local ridings – he is talking about enabling riding associations, not forcing us to do what we would not want to do. It’s a good idea, and it is an example of his bold thinking that he would put it forward in this leadership race.

You can go to to find out more.

All the best,

Denise Kouri
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


  1. Nice Read...I agree 100%, I'm from Montreal and Mr.Cullen IMO is a lot more in tune with our values than Mr.Mulcair. Quebec is not a very partisan place and we love the idea of cooperating to get something done.

  2. I agree too - we need young people to be inspired to vote, and we also need to compete with the Cons in rural areas. I'm not a political-party person but Mr. Cullen impresses me every time he speaks- I think he has a special quality that Canadians have been starved for and will embrace.