Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green Party questions Saskatchewan Government's $30-million for nuclear research

Green Party of Saskatchewan
February 29, 2012

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is questioning the Saskatchewan Government’s $30-million investment in nuclear research. The funding is going to the Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation.

Party Leader Victor Lau has a few questions about this funding:

“Innovation Minister Rob Norris talks about re-establishing Saskatchewan’s position in the nuclear industry. Why is it necessary for our province to re-assert its position in the nuclear industry?

“Why isn’t the province investing in research that would replace the use of nuclear medicine?

“What other research will this funding be used to explore, other than nuclear medicine?

“The taxpayers of Saskatchewan deserve answers to these questions,” says Lau. “Saskatchewan people work hard to earn money, pay their taxes, and they deserve to know why our provincial government has decided to invest in the nuclear industry, rather than in less expensive technologies that would better save lives. It is very doubtful that the benefits of expanding Saskatchewan’s nuclear industry outweigh any potential negatives.”

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