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Quebec Solidaire Proposes a budget for the 99%

Quebec Solidaire
March 18, 2012
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A few days after the budget 2012-2013, QS invited the Minister Bachand to abandon what has been disastrous in the past. "The PQ and Liberal governments have made ​​religion a zero deficit for 15 years and it does not work not "said Amir Khadir, MNA for Mercier.

 "Cut in services, tax the sick, raise rates and fees, to give billions of tax cuts for the wealthiest, that will not bring prosperity to our society. Reduce the deficit at all costs and too quickly on the back of the middle class and low income people, increases economic inequality. It has to stop. We need tax fairness and good public services for a greener economy and more prosperous "adds Francoise David, spokesman for QS.

A budget for the 99%

"For QS, budget priorities are those that improve the lives of 99%. For example: ensure free education from kindergarten to university to make Quebec a first class education; cancel the tax on disease and fund health needs to even the 1.7 to 2.2 billion$ savings on drug prices. We must, as in Ontario, ending the open bar enjoyed by the pharmaceutical industry, "said Dr. Khadir.

The campaign "political courage", launched in 2010, proposed a series of measures that allowed to fetch 5 billion of additional revenue to avoid resorting to these regressive measures. For example: more taxes on corporations and wealthy taxpayers, significant royalties on water used by large companies, restoring the tax on capital gains of financial firms and a significant increase in mineral royalties based on the value of the ore.

A budget to transform the economy

Faced with significant job losses occurred during the past year, the next budget represents an opportunity to make the investments needed to transform the economy. Fran├žoise David recalls that "massive investments in traditional infrastructure and the extent of amounts pledged as part of the North in Quebec are losing a golden opportunity to make the shift to a greener economy, more caring and more prosperous. We must redirect the bulk of these investments in sectors that create the most jobs: the renovation and home building to increase both energy efficiency and supply of social housing, public transport where Quebec has a huge electric potential and know-how to draw; local agriculture or social enterprises in the services sector, two sectors that provide better jobs and economic opportunities for women, "said Ms. David.

The President of QS is concerned that "public investment in these sectors have been so timid in recent years compared to major expenses incurred by the State in conventional economics. We must redress the balance and Now! "

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