Thursday, March 8, 2012

IWD: Declaration of the World March of Women

By the World March of Women

This March 8, we women of the World March of Women, we are marching, resisting, and building a world for us, the other, the people, living beings and nature. These actions continue to face the onslaught of deadly paradigm of capitalism with its false starts to crises and a conservative fundamentalist ideology.

We experience a crisis of capitalism, racism and patriarchy, to sustain itself, imposes brutal "austerity measures" that force us, the people, to pay for a crisis that we have not provoked: are budget cuts all social services, reduced wages and pensions, war and encouragement to advance the commodification of all spheres of life. We women pay the highest price: we are the first that we will be dismissed and that in addition to common household tasks, we are forced to assume the functions previously covered by social services. Such measures carry the weight of patriarchal ideology, capitalist and racist policies and embodies an incentive to return to the house, which also stimulate the development of prostitution and the sale of women, the increase in violence against us, trafficking and migration.

We denounce the continued imposition of free trade agreements, trying to transform the common goods such as health, education and water goods, and create a market for the exploitation of cheap labor in the South. We reject the consumer culture that is more impoverished communities, creating dependency and exterminating local productions.

We support women in combat in Europe, especially in Greece but also in Portugal, Galicia, the Spanish State, Italy and Macedonia, who are organizing to resist the neoliberal offensive and retrograde promoted by financial institutions and policies and their own governments , to serve interests of transnational corporations. We also stand in solidarity with all women in the south facing famine, impoverishment, slave labor and violence but continue to build its strength.

We denounce the advance of militarization around the world as a strategy to control our bodies, lives, moves and territories and guarantee of neocolonialism, the new capital appropriation and plunder of natural resources and the maintenance of the enrichment of the arms industry in address the crisis. We note with fear the threat of return of militarism and authoritarianism as values ​​in society in different countries around the world, as in: the Middle East, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, where women and people continue to fight against all type true fundamentalist dictatorship and democracy in Palestine where women struggle against colonialism and Zionism in several African countries - as in Senegal where the government uses the power of the army by electoral interests, or Mali where armed groups terrorize the civilian population in their struggle for control gives the north, in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, where there are processes of re-militarization, and in several countries in Asia-Oceania which reinforce the presence of U.S. troops.

We stand in solidarity with women and people in resistance and struggle in all the territories that are at war, under military control and at risk of being or living harmful impacts of a foreign military presence. However, we women continue to defend our territory, body and land on the holding of regular and irregular armies, state and private.

We denounce the concerted strategy of globalized media that seeks to revitalize the dogmas and conservative values ​​and threatening the achievements or progress of women in the world. Closed spaces of participation, protest is criminalized, and cercea the right to decide over our bodies. Our reproductive self-determination is threatened where we have achieved, for example, in several European countries (as in Portugal and Spain) and North America where abortion is legalized, but where this right is attacked in practice by courts of the budgets that target hospitals and abortion services. In many other countries, as in Latin America and several countries in Asia-Oceania, women who have abortions are still criminalized, as in Brazil, Japan and Vanuatu. In Mexico, legalizing abortion in Mexico City and is criminalized in the rest of the country. In Honduras, the emergency contraceptive pill has been banned. In Nicaragua, abortion even in situations of life-threatening for the mother or rape becomes a crime through a constitutional reform. Russia follows suit with the president's wife at the forefront of campaigns to ban abortion in all situations. Groups self-intitulados "pro-life" actually advocate the killing of women, insult us and health professionals in North America, pressed on parliament to review the law in South Africa and prevent any discussion in Pakistan.

We stand with all women who continue to struggle and facing the brunt of the police, public servants and unfair justice, as well as those facing violence against them.

Faced with these situations, we are in the streets, we have alternatives and we are living. We reiterate that we will strengthen ourselves from our bodies and territories in resistance and defense of them, deepening our dreams of structural transformations in our lives and going until all are free!

We called the articulation of our movements and alliances with other movements, for only then will build a world free.

In the World, March 8, 2012

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