Monday, February 27, 2012

They Fought For Labor - Now Interned! (1941)

Socialist History Project

This pamphlet is undated, Norman Penner, in Canadian Communism, says it was published in April 1941, which is consistent with internal evidence.This pamphlet has been published by the Committee for the Release of Labor Prisoners, Post Office Box 385, Winnipeg, Man.

"Their efforts will be written into the pages of our history"


By Mrs. Dorise W. Nielsen, M.P.

During the years of depression, the resourcefulness, the energy, the political awakening of Canadian women was something of which I was immensely proud.

Now in this time of crisis, my faith and belief in our Canadian women has been both confirmed and strengthened.

The women, wives of men interned under Sec. 21 of the Defence of Canada Regulations, who visited Ottawa, have demonstrated their belief in democracy. More than that, they have used our democratic machinery to state their case.

It was not an easy thing for some of them to leave home, where in some cases, they were left alone to care for the family. There were difficulties of many kinds, but the fact that these women did appear before the Parliamentary Committee, did obtain an interview with the Minister of Justice, and are now publishing this pamphlet, is a certain indication of their belief in democracy, and their desire to strengthen it in Canada.

In this I feel sure they will win the respect, consideration and unbiased support of all Canadians.

Their efforts will give courage to all of us, and their fight on behalf of democracy and freedom will be written into the pages of our history

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