Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Climate Justice Movement in Saskatoon

Climate Justice Movement in Saskatoon

We are seeking to revitalize the climate justice movement in Saskatoon and bring climate issues to the minds and hearts of Saskatchewan! With the vision of creating a local and dynamic group, we are looking for passionate people from all walks of life to help us develop a strong grassroots movement in order to combat the climate crisis in a manner that addresses inequality, colonialism, racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression.

Whether you are a seasoned "activist", a newbie to environmentalism or just someone who recognizes the gravity of our current situation and wants to make a difference - we want you! We are striving to create a varied group with respect for a diversity of ideas and tactics. The climate crisis is not going to be solved by our current government and it is up to us to begin to voice our dissent and develop alternatives!

For more information, please contact: Karen Rooney: or Mark Bigland-Pritchard:

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