Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saskatchewan Greens: Defenders of Medicare

Green Party of Saskatchewan
November 3, 2011

Green Party of Saskatchewan Leader Victor Lau is spending today campaigning in his constituency of Regina Douglas Park. Over the course of the campaign, Lau discovered that the number one issue among voters in Regina Douglas Park is the future of Medicare, “Most of the voters I’ve spoken with are concerned about two-tier health care,” says Lau. “They want Medicare there when they need it, and they aren’t interested in experimenting with privatized medicine.”

To reassure the voters of Regina Douglas Park and the rest of the province about the Green Party’s stance on health issues, Lau stresses that the Greens are 100 percent pro-Medicare and pro-publicly funded and administered health care. “We will fight for as long and as hard as necessary to defend Medicare from privatization,” says Lau.

Key health care planks in the Green party’s election platform include:
  • Placing all doctors on salary,
  • The elimination of ambulance fees,
  • More emphasis on preventative health care, and
  • The adoption of a guaranteed annual income.

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