Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Protests in Saskatchewan

Larry Hubich
President, SFL
October 13, 2011

Brothers and Sisters;

By now, many will already be aware of the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been carried out in New York City for over two weeks. Few could have predicted many months ago that grassroots movements on the other side of the globe in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Greece, and the UK, to name a few, could have possibly inspired what we are currently seeing across North America.

What we are currently witnessing is a truly organic movement of people united in the belief that the greed of the few does not outweigh the needs of the many. The Occupy Movement represents what people can accomplish when they are committed to making their voices heard, to telling governments that corporations cannot be allowed to write the rules for our society. Furthermore, the protests represent the single largest acts of international solidarity in history. People across the globe are identifying with one another over shared concerns and shared experiences like never before. The results have been truly inspiring and the movement continues to grow with each passing day.

Inspired by the great success of the Occupy Wall Street protests in raising issues important to the vast majority of people, Occupy protests have been planned in both Regina and Saskatoon for Saturday, October 15th, 2011.

In Regina, supporters will gather in Victoria Park at 12:00pm.

In Saskatoon, supporters will meet in front of the Law Building on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan.

For more information, please visit the Occupy Regina and the Occupy Saskatoon Facebook pages.

The Occupy protests have at their core the belief that decisions should be made in the best interests of people and not those of corporate shareholders, CEOs, lobbyists, politicians, or bankers. The protests are an exciting new chapter in democracy consistent with what the labour movement has supported for decades, and I would strongly encourage everyone to offer support to Occupy Regina and Occupy Saskatoon in whatever way possible.

In solidarity,

Larry Hubich, President
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

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