Monday, September 12, 2011

Saskatchewan Green Party Leadership

Green Party of Saskatchewan
September 11, 2011

Victor Lau, who has been acting as leader since the resignation of Larissa Shasko, has been confirmed as interim leader by the executive of the Green Party of Saskatchewan.

A special leadership election will be held on Saturday, September 18 in Regina to confirm Victor as the leader who will take the Party into the general election. However, any party member in good standing is welcome to put forward their name for consideration as leader within the next 7 days. The term will expire at the 2012 AGM, where a new executive slate will be elected.

If no candidate comes forward, a vote will be held on September 18 to confirm Victor as leader until the 2012 AGM.

As Victor's position of Deputy Leader may become vacant if he is confirmed as Leader, any member in good standing who wishes to put forward their name as Deputy Leader is welcome to do so. This position will also be elected at the meeting on Saturday September 18

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