Friday, September 23, 2011

Honduras: The FNRP rallies to announce its 5 strategic axis of struggle

September 23, 2011

Tegucigalpa - Hundreds of sympathizers of the National Front of Popular Resistance began the month of September demanding an end to the privatization of education and public services and at the same time rejecting the construction of “model” cities, demanding respect for human rights, and an urgent solution to the agrarian problem – all part of the five strategic points that tie the struggle together.

At the beginning of the mobilization at the Francisco Morazan National Pedagogical University (UNPFM) the Sub-Coordinator of the FNRP, Juan Barahona reminded the protesters of the objectives of the struggle beginning on September 1st, “we are celebrating the opening of the Independence Festivities (Fiestas Patrias) but not the oligarchy’s Independence. 

We are also protesting against the privatizations because we see how this regime wants to privatize public education, to impose “Model Cities”, this is nothing more than the selling off of our sovereignty, and of our territory piece by piece. We demand respect for human rights. We are struggling for a real process of agrarian reform that stops the assassinations of the campesinos and gives them land. This is what we are mobilizing for beginning today across the country”, he stated.

This struggle has two fundamental pillars: one is social and one is specifically political.

The National Front of Popular Resistance is clear that there are two fundamental pillars for this struggle; the social pillar and the pillar that is imminently political. “The social pillar defines the 5 foci of our main struggle and one of those is the fight against privatization of natural resources - a wealth that must belong to the Hondurans and not to transnational capital. Another axis of our struggle is that they are attacking and destroying our social movements and we have to defend them against the division, intrusion and confrontation that the regime wants to maintain among ourselves”, stated the campesino leader and member of the National Coordination of the FNRP, Rafael Alegria.

At the end of the mobilization, in the center of the capital city, Barahona called for a mobilization on September 15th when the FNRP will again mobilize at a national level, “we are going to overwhelm the coup organizers and its supporters like we did last year when only a few of them went to the official event at the National Stadium” confirmed Juan Barahona.

The mobilization in Tegucigalpa will start at the end of Morazan Boulevard, “the place where we started last year, beginning at 8 in the morning, we are going to have the marching bands from the schools”, finished Barahona.

For two years in a row the FNRP has had multitudinous/big mobilizations within the frame work of national “independence” that have obscured the official parades organized by the regime.

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