Saturday, August 13, 2011

SOS Travelling Roadshow

Save Our Saskatchewan Crowns

Meet Chris Miller. You may recognize Chris from his video, A Young Person’s Guide To Saskatchewan Crowns. Chris was also in the running to be this year’s Saskatchewanderer. He didn’t win, but that didn’t stop him and his friends, Mike and Amy, from heading out on their own summer adventure.

The three of them are travelling around Saskatchewan to ask people, “What do our Crown Corporations mean to you?” And what better way to get around than in your very own homemade hot tub truck! Watch our video series to follow their hijinks, and keep an eye out for when they roll into town.

A recent film graduate from the University of Regina, Chris believes the importance of our Crown Corporations cannot be understated.

“Crown corporations are an incredibly important and vital part of our province,” he says. “I can't think of many people that would rather give their dollars to wealthy international corporations than to their own province, which eventually gets reinvested into things that are important to them.

“Plus there are the obvious employment and ethical benefits of having government-owned corporations.”

Chris wants to start a discussion about the value of our crowns.

“I feel that it is a very important message which needs to get out, and frankly, it is something that many people, especially young people, just don't know about,” he says.

As for his intention with the video series, “I want people to have fun while watching the series, and I want to showcase what an amazing place this province is.”

In this episode, Chris, Mike, and Amy build the hot tub truck, before heading to Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

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