Saturday, August 27, 2011

Al Quds Day Rally 2011: Regina Saskatchwan

Regina Solidarity Group

It was 32 years ago on 16th August 1979, on the first Ramadan after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, that Imam Khomeini inaugurated Al-Quds day as a day for solidarity with the oppressed, in particular the oppressed of Palestine. Every year from that day, without exception, we have seen Al Quds Day demonstrations around the world. Al Quds Day is the oldest annual international protest in support of Palestine.

Al Quds Day is held in the last week of Ramadan each year. Its a day when people around the world, Muslims and non-Muslims come together to demonstrate their support for the oppressed in the world, in particular the oppressed Palestinians who have been living under zionist occupation for over 60 years.

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