Monday, July 25, 2011

FMLN Reports on Achievements of First Two Years of Government

25 July 2011

In June 2011, the FMLN released their General Summary of the Principal Accomplishments during the First Two Years of the Government of Change, a comprehensive report on the successes that have been achieved by the FMLN through their participation in the national government.  You can download it here in English and aqui en EspaƱol

At the beginning of June, each cabinet member and the President also gave their respective reports to the nation, detailing how public resources and finances were invested, which reflects an overriding commitment by the Funes administration and by the FMLN to increase transparency and accountability. 

According to the FMLN Communications Secretariat, the purpose of the report is to “inform our leaders, elected officials, party members and the general public about the benefits that our government has brought about for the poorest, most vulnerable sectors of the country.” The report covers investments and programs in the areas of education, health, public works, the economy, justice and public security, agriculture, and Salvadorans living abroad.

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