Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who was Nick Schaack?


Nick Schaack
76 years ago from this Canada Day July 1 2011, two people died in the fighting during the Regina Riot which ended the On-to-Ottawa Trek.

Its been well documented that Regina police detective Charles Millar was killed during the Riot, but little has been written about Trekker Nick Schaack who died from head injuries sustained in the fighting.

From what we know Nick was badly injured and thrown in jail. Finally, many hours later, he was sent to the hospital. He died of the trauma to his head sustained in the Riot. His unmarked grave is in a Regina cemetery, ironically just a stones throw from Detective Millar.

Nick was an American looking for work when he joined the Trekkers. Local trade unionists undertook a project last year to provide a proper marker for his grave.

Everyone is welcome to attend the unveiling of a commemorative headstone for Nick Shaack, who died as a result of his participation in the Regina Riot, July 1st, 1935, struggling for economic security on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan and all Canadians.

We will meet at the Regina Cemetery (the corner of 4th Avenue and Broad Street) for the unveiling ceremony and then travel to the office of the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (2330 2nd Avenue, Regina) for a FREE BBQ!

Link: Casualties of the Regina Riot

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