Friday, June 10, 2011

June 18th - International Stop The Tar Sands Day

Time: Saturday, June 18 · 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: University of Regina College Ave Campus Gallery Building Room 106
Groups: Regina Solidarity Group and Mother Earth Justice Advocates

Regina Solidarity Group and Mother Earth Justice Advocates Presents…

Cities Across the World Prepare to Hold Events on the International Stop The Tar Sands Day

Regina – On the weekend of June 17th people in cities around the world will be holding events to state their opposition to a toxic and deadly tar sands industry. The International Day of Action Against the Tar Sands will see anti-tar sands events being held in over 11 Canadian cities, the United states, Europe and countries as far away as New Zealand. In Regina, people will be getting together to discuss the impact of the Tar Sands on Canada and the world. A workshop will be held where speakers from Canada and UK will talk about global movement against the Tar Sands project and what can be done within the each community to counter this focus.

Whether it’s forest destruction of areas that ultimately could equal the size of Scotland, toxic lakes that can be seen from space, the trampling of Indigenous rights or the poisoning of Canadian and US communities living near Tar Sands operations, turning Tar Sands into transportation fuel hurts our environment and communities every step of the way.

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