Thursday, May 26, 2011

Images of our teachers in Victoria Park

Photos by Next Year Country


  1. I look at my daughters sign " My Family Matter Too", just had a conversation with her. I have three teachers out there. She said people forget that they have kids as well. Their kids miss all the extra stuff as well, my grandsons can't have football camp, my grade 8 misses his grad, one that he has been planning for for ever, He has talked about his white suit for weeks, and they are losing wages from two people. When my son-in-law took his letter into his MLA he could not believe the sneer he was given. When they took their letters to Laura Ross's office in the north end, they had to ring a door bell to get into a locked office. She said that Laura never comes to this office, maybe once a year....and we pay for that office. and why a locked door? Why can this government not sit down to bargain with anyone, why do they offer peanuts? Not even comparable to the cost of living? Support Teachers everywhere in the province. Their families matter too, they are people to....