Saturday, April 30, 2011

Together we can bring change to Ottawa, says Layton

April 30, 2011

VANCOUVER – Together we can bring change to Ottawa, New Democrat Leader Jack Layton told supporters today at a Lower Mainland rally.

“For too long now, your family’s priorities have been pushed to the end of the line. And those you have elected have taken you for granted,” said Layton.

“British Columbians know better than anyone. Stephen Harper promised to make life more affordable, then hit you with the HST in the middle of a recession.”

“And now he’s threatening to take $1.6 billion out of B.C.’s health care and education if you vote against the HST. It’s wrong. New Democrats will ensure that B.C. keeps that money, regardless of how you vote on the HST.”

“On Monday, we have a chance to come together as a country and change what’s wrong with Ottawa.”

Layton said that starting first thing after the election Canadians can count on him to get down to work.

“I know we can’t fix every problem. But we can take practical steps in the right direction: to hire more doctors and nurses, to boost small business, to make life more affordable, and to improve retirement security.”

“It starts with you. You know where I stand. You know I will fight for you. Together, we can do this.”

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