Monday, April 4, 2011

Documentary: Pig Business...the truth behind cheap pork

The Ecosocialist

Food corporations have tried and failed to prevent Tracey Worcester's documentary from getting aired. $16 Billion American giant Smithfields foods have succeeded in smoothing some of the films sharper edges but they have not prevented the film from hitting home a powerful message and becoming a political force. Last month Tracey Worcester was invited to show her film to MEPs in Brussels in which she attempted to recruit members support for the following 6 tasks.

1. Recognise that the profitability of factory farming depends on externalising its true costs onto the broader community
2. Ensure the Common Agricultural Policy post 2013 moves European agriculture away from industrial livestock production to sustainable, humane and autonomous forms of animal husbandry
3. Ensure better enforcement and strengthening of the existing EU Directive on the welfare of pigs
4. Introduce mandatory methods of production labelling
5. Introduce a ban on routine prophylactic use of antibiotics
6. Ensure national and EU public bodies only locally or nationally produced high welfare pork.

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