Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Tommy Douglas Song

Will Currie and the Country French

So we here at Country French HQ have been feeling the rumblings of political unrest in Ottawa for a while now. We are, of course, all seasons ticket holders from the gallery of the house of commons. It seemed fitting to get our bums back in the studio and record the song “Tommy Douglas” as perhaps a reminder of what greatness in glasses can be. We like our politicians the way we like our coffee: honest, compassionate, honest, diligent, and also pretty honest. Tommy Douglas was exactly that kind of man, and he stood up for everyone who was getting a bad shake. Now we aren’t here to tell anybody who to vote for come May 2nd, we just wanted to possibly point to the bar that was raised in the 70’s and maybe encourage some candidates to do a chin-up.

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That being said, we also really really hope you enjoy the song, and feel free to pass it along. IT’S FREE!! JUST FOR YOU!! And if you like that, then you’ll definitely love our album “Awake, You Sleepers!” which will be out later on in 2011.”Tommy Douglas” won’t be on that record, but it is packed with other good stuff, I promise!

Enjoy “Tommy Douglas”! We love you very much!

Best wishes,
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