Friday, February 11, 2011

Global solidarity needed to protect public services

Campaign aims to defend vitally important public services around the world.

Canadian Union of Public Employees National President Paul Moist highlighted the need for global solidarity in protecting public services while attending the Council of Global Unions in Washington, D.C. in mid-January.

Representing Public Services International (PSI), a global union federation of public sector trade unions, Moist made a presentation on the Quality Public Services — Action Now campaign, which is set to launch on June 26 — World Public Service Day. It will bring together public and private sector unions in an international effort to ensure quality public services are affordable and accessible to all. Representing 20 million public service workers in 150 nations, PSI is leading the campaign.

The campaign will centre on a public services charter, which affirms the vital importance of public services around the world and Global Unions' commitment to work with the key actors — governments and international agencies, civil society, and business and enterprise — to pursue a new vision of quality public services.

A key campaign element is developing union-led coalitions in cities and towns to fight against growing attacks on public services.

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More information on the charter and action plan can be found on the Quality Public Services Action Now! campaign website.

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