Monday, January 17, 2011

Transforming Saskatchewan's Electrical Future

Green Energy Project, Saskatchewan


The Green Energy Project Saskatchewan's goal is to create a comprehensive, technically sound plan to transform Saskatchewan's electricity grid to run on renewable energy sources in a way that will also be economically and socially beneficial for our rural, urban and First Nations communities.

Climate change and peak oil are the defining challenges of the 21st Century. Saskatchewan, with its sunny weather, abundant wind resource, and existing hydro-electric capacity, is well-placed to meet these challenges -- yet we currently have the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita (70 tonnes/person/year) of all Canadian provinces! We can do so much better.


• research renewable electricity technology options for Saskatchewan
• involve rural and First Nations communities in discussion around local energy production
• pencil out the economics of going fossil-fuel free
• produce a series of short reports for discussion purposes

Visit their website HERE.

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