Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class Dynamics of Agrarian Change

Henry Bernstein
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Agrarian political economy investigates the social relations of production and reproduction, property and power in agrarian formations, and how they change. Using Marx’s theory of capitalism the book argues that class dynamics should be the starting point of any analysis of agrarian change.

As an introduction to agrarian political economy, this book includes explanations and applications of its key concepts, a glossary of analytical terms, and a historical approach and framework for examining agrarian change in capitalism. The author assumes no prior knowledge of political economy on the part of readers but aims, through this stimulating introduction, to encourage them to study it further.

“The most sweeping, original, and discerning class analysis of agrarian history in many decades… essential reading for any and all agraristas both inside and outside the academy.” — James C. Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science and Anthropology; Director, Agrarian Studies, Yale University

Book excerpt HERE.

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