Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Superman's town being 'torn apart' by labour dispute

The US town of Metropolis, Illinois, which claims to be the adopted home of Superman, is being "torn apart" by a labour dispute at its uranium refinery.

By Nick Allen
The Telegraph

The 15 foot statue of Superman on Superman Square
 in Metropolis Photo: ALAMY
The town of 6,500 people, which has been known as Metropolis since the 19th Century, branded itself the "Home Town of Superman" in 1972. 

In comic books the superhero is based in a fictional city of the same name.
The real Metropolis, which features Superman statues and a newspaper called "The Metropolis Planet," is also home to the Honeywell processing facility, America's only site for refining uranium for eventual use in nuclear power plants.

More than 200 union workers have been picketing the site since June when they were locked out and replacements brought in.

The strikers are warning of possible toxic releases and have planted dozens of small, white crosses to represent workers who have died of cancer.

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