Friday, December 17, 2010

The best political films of 2010

Pro-life militants, kid activists, fracking, garbage portraits, and the decline of the American Empire

By Ezra Winton
Art Threat
December 16, 2010

We’ve searched far and wide to assemble this list, and in the process have drawn on the talents and experience of three international programmers. Aside from picks from yours truly (EW), we have selections from Charlotte Selb (CS), Director of Programming for RIDM – Montreal’s International Documentary Film Festival, Jean-Pierre Rhem (JPR), Executive Director of the FID Marseille International Film Festival, and Matthew Hays (MH) film critic and writer for the Montreal Mirror, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian, Cineaste Magazine and The Daily Beast. He teaches film studies and journalism at Concordia University. We’ll begin with Mr. Hays:

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