Thursday, October 21, 2010

Union fights to keep Saskatchewan highways in public hands

Website enlists campaigners to protect province's vital public services from privatization.
Public Values
The Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union. has launched a website called If You Love Saskatchewan . The purpose of it is to protect the province's vital public services from privatization.

Its front page reads:
Parks. Power. Highways. Health care. And so much more. In Saskatchewan, we couldn't do without our public services.

But the Brad Wall government is nibbling away at those public services, privatizing them a bit here and a bit there... where corporate profit becomes more important than affordable, available services for you and me... good jobs for Saskatchewan families suddenly disappear out of province... and we all start paying more and getting less.

Before it goes too far, let's ask ourselves if that's really the kind of Saskatchewan we want for our families' futures.

This website is about having our voices heard. Have a look through and when you're done we invite you to join with us in showing your heart to Saskatchewan and its vital public services.

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