Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dreaming of a Better World: Student Rebellion in 1960s Regina

Roberta Lexier
Past Imperfect. Vol.10. 2004

"We saw ourselves as the wave of the future.... At the time I had enormous confidence.... I thought we were going to change the world."

This statement by Sixties student activist John Conway explains the power of the era: it was a time when young people truly believed they could create a new and better world. The 1960s are remembered as a time of upheaval and youthful rebellion.

On university campuses, including the University of Saskatchewan. Regina Campus, a culture of student activism grew and developed. Between 1961 and 1974 the Regina Campus provided a postsecondary education for the large numbers of young people belonging to the baby boom generation, who were attending university in record numbers. The Regina Campus was a new institution that focused on liberal arts education and interdisciplinary work and it experienced its formative years during a time of worldwide social upheaval.

Two major student rebellions occurred during this period at the Regina Campus, both of which involved a large proportion of the student body in calls for change.

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