Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Workers' Control is Workers' Control"

PSUV Press
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Upon completion of the Council of Ministers which was held on Wednesday 15 September in Miraflores, President Hugo Chavez attended the meeting of the socialist workers of the National Power Corporation (Corpoelec) and its subsidiaries, concentrated in the Teatro Teresa CarreƱo de Caracas.

With the assistance of more than 3000 members of the workers, union leaders, socialist leaders and different fronts in the sector, the Venezuelan president in the company of Minister for Electric Power, Ali Rodriguez Araque, Aristobulo Isturiz the PSUV, and Dario Vivas National Assembly President Fetraelec, heard the speeches of certain workers who expressed their rejection of the recent sabotage in the sector and reaffirmed their full support for the Bolivarian government.

During the event, Chavez swore in the power workers now organized in the Socialist Front Criollo Braulio Electricity Sector. Before take their oath, the Venezuelan leader said that the best way to prevent possible sabotage in this sector as height is handing over control of the whole country's electric field workers and warned of the dangers of the fifth column infiltrating in all sectors.

He also made a call to refine the work of intelligence, counterintelligence, and training of staff to positions in the electricity sector. In this regard, proposed the establishment of a Centre for Energy Studies for training in solar, wind and nuclear.

Also was stressed the need to continue fighting against the outsourcing.

"No more outsourcing, work should be incorporated gradually. Have been incorporated more than two thousand and five thousand remain. We have to rush this, the transmission, just as happened in PDVSA and enterprise of Guiana. Let's take the spaces. Workers 'control is workers' control. "

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  1. Yes many countries are now understanding the risks of outsourcing, the outsourcing may get us good profit, but it will have an impact on our country men.