Tuesday, September 7, 2010

General Strike Brings Most of India to a Halt

By Ana Luisa Brown
New Delhi, Sep 7/10
Prensa Latina

About 100 million workers joined the 24 hours general strike called by eight Trade Unions in India, protesting against the rise of price and privatizations.

According to the president of the National Congress of Indian Trade Unions G. Sanjeeva Reddy the strike is being felt in transportation, mining, electricity, telecommunications, bank, oil, port and other sectors which are not organized like construction.

The strike succeeded in 99 percent assured Reddy was quoted as saying by the Indo-Asian News Service.

According to reports, most of the workers from the states of Western Bengal, Tripura, and Kerala joined the call while in the rest of the country the protests were in lesser or greater extent.

The three territories previously mentioned are under control of the Indian Communist Party (Marxist) that backed the strike.

In Mumbai and New Delhi, the two main Indian Metropolis, the strike only affected users of autorickshaws, emblematic green-yellow taxis of India whose drivers joined the strike.

They also demand protection for jobs in the sectors hit by recession and fulfillment of all the workers laws approved.

The strike was also attended by unions members of the ruling Congress Party.

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