Friday, May 28, 2010

Oliver Stone's latest film premieres in Venezuela

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South of the Border

The eyes of the world are in Latin America and their struggle to achieve the complete independence of their peoples. Philosophers, writers, politicians and citizens of the world in general look at us with amazement, even perhaps with a little heat. We are involved in a new heroic in history that my sister again, and the diligent eye of documentary film has also been at his.

This time the renowned director Oliver Stone brings us "South of the border," a documentary that spans five Latin American countries realizing the profound transformation processes experienced by each one of them. Stone uses the voice and thoughts of seven presidents in this documentary account of this transformative process has been gaining ground throughout Latin America.

This Friday at 7 pm the documentary premieres in Room Ríos Reyna del Teatro Teresa Carreño. And tomorrow will be an open-air screening at the Plaza Bolivar at six o'clock. We hope to see everyone.

Let each and all to the premiere of this documentary that reflects the struggles of the Latin American peoples.

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