Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Divide and Conquer: Diversification is the Way Forward for the Left

By Gabor Gyori
Social Europe

For social democrats, the decline from parties that regularly poll over 40% and dominate the left-wing of the political spectrum to 20-30% parties that uneasily cohabit with a mix of green and far-left upstarts has been marked. And it has been one of struggle, too: the intra-left contest has often been as intense as the social democrats’ engagement with right-wing parties. Sometimes it is also marred by the bitterness – and irrationality – that is often characteristic of fraternal feuds.

Social democracy competes for roughly the same group of voters as other left-wing parties do, and this explains why the relations are bound to be fraught with conflict. Yet, there is good reason to think that the emerging fragmentation of the European left is in fact beneficial, on both ideological and strategic grounds.
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