Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Regina Magazine Seeks Submissions

Aleks McHugh
Act Up in Saskatchewan

Call for Submissions - WRITERS AND ARTISTS

Utilitarian Donuts is a spanking-new magazine that aims to whip up a potent admixture of experimental poetics and class politics featuring mainly, but not exclusively, Regina-based writers and artists.

Poetic pieces can be poems, essays, riffs and verbal experiments of any style (surprise us!) that bubble up from your readings, experiences, dreams. Submit your most unconventional, provocative, apocalyptic works.

For political submissions, email us a brief pitch. You’ll find themed outlines of upcoming issues on our Web site once we get it together. First issue subjects might include tenants’ rights, worker liberation and neoliberal fault lines. In any case, we want active voices and local flavour.

Art work should be reproducible in black and white. Or you can specify that we reserve your submission for consideration as a colour insert. Please don’t send your only copy of anything. We won’t return submissions unless you’ve made arrangements with us first.

The worlds of poetry and politics aren’t meant to live apart. By all means, mash it up. We will. Send art-accompanied adventure logs, rants on your ill treatment at the hands of authorities. We will honour requests for anonymity, but don’t forget to include your contact info.

Doors close for the first issue April 30, 2010. Get in at the ground floor and other clich├ęs.

Submit to:
Utilitarian Donuts OR
P.O. Box 24101
Regina, SK
S4P 4J8

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