Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sask Oil - It can be done

In the early 1970s the Saskatchewan Waffle, while it was still in the NDP, had launched a campaign to nationalize Saskatchewan's oil industry.

The Waffle proposed a publicly-owned facility that would start at the oil wells and end at the gas pump. Profits would stay in Saskatchewan, not go to multi-national American corporations.

When the NDP regained power from the Thatcher Liberals in 1972, Alan Blakeney's government initiated a much watered down version of this idea with the crown corporation SaskOil

Along with a lot of other public-owned resource corporations, the Devine conservatives privatized it in the 1980's.

It still a good idea. This time with an eye on ecology and investing profits in renewal energies.

Below is a leaflet issued by the Waffle on this issue.

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