Saturday, January 30, 2010

Awa' Stephen, Awa'

Adapting Robbie Burns by Blair Hamilton - sent by Cindy Rubilee (via Don Kosick!)

Awa' Stephen, Awa'

Chorus.-Awa' Stephen, awa'!
Awa' Stephen, awa'!
Ye lead a pack o' traitor louns,
Ye'll do nae gude at a'.

Parliament flourish'd fresh and fair,
And bonie bloom'd our voices;
But Prorogue cam' like a frost in June,
An' wither'd a' our choices.

Awa' Stephen, etc.

Our olden ways fa'en in the dust-
Deil take them what caused it!
An' write their names in his black beuk,
Whit Tory Stephen at the front o't.

Awa' Stephen, etc.

Our sad decay in church and state
Surpasses my descriving:
Stephen cam' o'er us for a curse,
An' we hae done wi' thriving.
Awa' Stephen, etc.

Grim vengeance lang has taen a nap,
But we may see him waken:
Gude help the day when writ shall drop
And justice then be taken!

Awa' Stephen, etc

The original Burn's Awa Whigs, Awa

Whigs were the forerunners of the Liberals and many blamed them for selling out Scotland's crown, identity and heritage.

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