Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Regina Manifesto, Part 2: Murray Dobbin on the Future of Canadian Democracy

By Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
December 23, 2009

"This week, we bring you the other half of our two-part focus on the Regina Manifesto - a founding document of social democracy in Canada.

The Regina Manifesto helped shape the foundation of Canadian social democracy. It was written in 1933 against the backdrop of the Great Depression, representing hope for Canadians in its call for a new, socialized economy, "owned, controlled and operated by the people."

On October 17th in Saskatoon, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives held an event to examine the importance of the manifesto today - 76 years after it was written. The forum was called "The Future of Social Democracy in Canada: The Relevance of the Regina Manifesto in the 21st Century", and featured Murray Dobbin as one of its speakers. A long-time author, broadcaster and journalist, Dobbin observed that the manifesto is so in tune with modern concerns, it could almost have been written today."
- Rabble  Regina Manifesto podcast

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