Friday, January 1, 2010

Homage to the New Year

By Don Kossick

As We Walk This Earth
How do we walk this Earth?

Do we walk looking, observing, sensing..
feeling the energy of the wind.. the colors of the sky - blue, grey, red and orange at sunset.

The greeness of the grass reaching out to us...the drops of mositure on the leafy surfaces..
glistening.. translucent.

Do we see the rocks storing our histories.
Do we see wild life watching us.
Do we see the insects that surround us - the birds in their brilliance..
making the world we live in.

Do we see people.

People struggling to survive, in community, throughout the world.
Struggling for their well-being - their children - for a better world.
Struggling with hope, compassion, and care for one another.
Struggling against the abyss of nothing.

Do we see those with no hope - trapped in unremitting poverty,

Preyed upon by those who show no mercy.

Do we see the whole earth.

A wondrous creation - providing for all, but now under siege.
The siege of injustice, greed, profits before people...war and destruction.

Taking the the earth's precious resources, taking the dignity of all.

But we can see a rising,
A rising of hope for a better world.
A building in communion of a more just world.

Links being built - between and within us - creating a harmony of self,
And a harmony of a balanced earth.

This we strive for - step by step - inter woven with others and all that Earth is.

As we walk this Earth.

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