Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time to build a socialist organization

The left in Saskatchewan is still large but lacks political organization. Many work within the NDP or the Green Party, others in trade unions, feminist groups, environmental causes and other social movements. But we lack the ability to conduct explicit socialist discussion and action. We lack organization.

Cynicism or despair about building anything new is rampant. But we can learn from our past to avoid making the same mistakes. At least let's organize and make different ones! We can only learn by doing. We can only build by picking up our tools and starting something.

The Ontario-based Socialist Project's statement reflects an approach we in Saskatchewan might adopt:

"The Socialist Project does not propose an easy politics for defeating capitalism or claim a ready alternative to take its place. We oppose capitalism out of necessity and support the resistance of others out of solidarity. This resistanceccreates spaces of hope, and an activist hope is the first step to discovering a new socialist politics. Through the struggles of that politics – struggles informed by collective analysis and reflection – alternatives to capitalism will emerge.

Such anti-capitalist struggles, we believe, must develop a viable working class politics, and be informed by democratic struggles against racial, sexist and homophobic oppressions, and in support of the national self-determination of the many peoples of the world.

In Canada and the world today, there is an imperative for the Left to begin a sustained process of reflection, struggle and organizational re-groupment and experimentation. Neither capitalism nor neoliberalism will fade from the political landscape based on the momentum of their own contradictions and without the Left developing new political capacities.

We encourage those who share this assessment to meet, debate and begin to make a contribution to a renewed socialist project in your union, school and community."

Let's start building.

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